August 18, 2023

How we built a decade-long

brand campaign

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Let’s face it, navigating the intricacies of any client-facing business has its own unique set of challenges. We’ve all been there. But what happens when it all works out? Say you’ve snagged a dream client, the campaign is exciting, and you believe it has real lasting power. How do you keep a client or brand campaign not only active but successful? At Zoo, we’re entering our ninth year – yes, you read that right, almost a decade! – of a multimedia brand campaign that’s not only been running for that long but it has, and continues to, redefine the client’s social media best practices. If you can’t read another word without getting to the good stuff, read Tom’s latest Forbes column, How To Build A Decade-Long Multimedia Brand Campaign. If you’d rather explore the content firsthand, head here.

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Back in 2015, we pitched a socioeconomically-driven campaign, rooted in exclusive ongoing one on one interviews with Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences plus licensing rights to an archive that dated back to the 80s. The concept was to tackle some of society’s biggest questions – things like can economics help fight climate change, and what will the impact of technological advancements be on the labor market, or can planning for war be a vehicle for more peace – through interviews with some of the greatest minds of our time. What it ultimately became was a hub with short documentaries, profile pieces, thought-provoking articles, a global event series, a podcast, and more. It’s won awards, established a loyal and engaged audience, and garnered press coverage with more than 40 articles in publications around the world.

Interview with Paul Krugman

The biggest overall lesson is probably buried somewhere in that last paragraph. The secret sauce to our success has been continuously expanding and evolving alongside the campaign. Who would have thought that a single interview could become a mini-documentary series in its own right and provide content that spans across platforms throughout the year? Ok, we did. But did we think that the interviews would become the basis for not just one live event but an event series that’s been taken to three continents, several cities, and attended by tens of thousands of people? Honestly, probably not. At least not initially. 

UBS Nobel Perspectives Live in Hong Kong

Random acts of marketing are expensive so make sure things tie together. Let your content be recycled and reused and reimagined. Master the delicate dance between organic growth and timely paid campaigns. Ensure that expansion is a goal without compromising authenticity. Stick to not only your principles but find value in the campaign and never, ever waver on it. Human connection goes a long way, especially in today’s ultra-connected world so find ways, both virtually and physically, to connect people through immersive storytelling and memorable experiences. 

Nobel laureate Christopher Pissarides in dialogue with students in London

To read all our tips and insights, head to How to build a decade-long multimedia brand campaign. If you manage to pull off your own decade-long brand campaign or if you already have, please reach out. We want to hear all about your journey too, and will offer up a toast in your honor. Cheers!

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How we built a decade-long brand campaign

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