September 18, 2023

The Future

of TV

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Did you know that our founder and CEO, Tom, worked at a newspaper during the fall of the Berlin Wall? At a time when traditional media channels like papers and state-run television stations were the primary sources of information, TV in particular played a pivotal role. It transported viewers around the world directly to the scene and connected them to the people within their screens. During this formative time, he learned valuable lessons about the power of media in shaping perceptions, fostering dialogue, and capturing history accurately and fairly. He then lived through the transition to web-based approaches and watched as he, and others in the industry, navigated the shift as best they could. While some floundered, Tom flourished, launching himself into the online space, producing web series and TV shows. Patience and endurance were the watchwords of this era of convergence as forms of media inevitably intertwined with the vast landscape of the internet. We’re living in a new evolution now, and while these processes take time to take shape, there are interchangeable lessons that we can glean from the past as we step into this uncharted territory.  

So, for his latest Forbes article, TV Reinvented: Embracing Creativity And Technology For The New Era he’s putting his predictive powers to the test and exploring what the future of TV may hold. After all, he’s been places, walked the walk, and can definitely talk the talk. Keep reading for a glimpse, or head here if you want all the goods.

In today’s cutthroat streaming market, success is the ultimate goal and it’s a quest that unites the myriad of platforms available to viewers today. The real question is how can one thrive in this fiercely competitive space. Some platforms meticulously tailor their formats for their audience, while others may try venturing into new genres or tapping into new demographics. The common thread that binds them together is a need to increase subscriptions and in Tom’s view, there’s a single path to achieving this: QUALITY!

Quality content is, and will increasingly be, the differentiator in a sea of options. People at the top will need to prioritize crafting narratives that go beyond surface level engagement. Thoughtful storytelling, authentic voices, and content driven by a higher purpose will cut through the noise and capture viewers’ attention. Recently, the trend has been to capitalize on past successes, whether it’s through the adaptation of novels (Hunger Games is hitting the big theater yet again this year), games (Last of Us was a huge hit for HBO), podcasts (The Dropout, WeCrashed, Dirty John are just a few of an ever growing list), or the retelling of beloved classics (The Little Mermaid, controversy and all). Where is the original content?

Tom – and all of us at Zoo for that matter – believe in the enduring power of storytelling. The democratization of content has ushered in a new era generation of storytelling who are challenging the status quo and we couldn’t be more excited to see it. Collaborating with diverse talent, really leveraging emerging technologies and platforms, and staying attuned to what’s happening within our culture will empower creators to produce content that not only entertains but also initiates meaningful conversations and drives societal impact.

To read all of Tom’s insights, head to TV Reinvented: Embracing Creativity And Technology For The New Era. Because embracing change isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Thanks for tuning in!  

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The Future of TV

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